SimpleTax Help

Why don’t the changes I make update my refund or balance?

Here are the most common reasons why changing your return might not change your refund or balance:

  • You are receiving your maximum refund. Many credits are non-refundable which means you can’t use them to create a refund. If you are already getting back all the tax you paid in a year, claiming more credits won’t make a difference to your refund.
  • The amounts are being applied to your linked partner’s return. You can see who is claiming what by expanding the amounts in the Summary section. You can change who claims what after you have run the optimizer.
  • You’ve already optimized your return. Once you optimize your return, the amounts in the Optimized Credits & Deductions table override the amounts you have entered into the various sections in SimpleTax. You’ll need to optimize again before you see a change.