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Why do I need to enter my partner’s income?

This article only applies to partners who have not linked their returns.

Your partner’s income is used by both SimpleTax and the CRA (and Revenu Québec, if applicable) to calculate certain credits.

If you don’t enter an accurate amount—especially one that is too low—we may automatically claim certain credits that you aren’t eligible for.

If you have checked the box indicating that you don’t want to report your partner’s income (in the Your Partner section), we will not apply any of the following credits, even if you may otherwise be eligible for them:

  • the federal/provincial/territorial amount for spouse or common-law partner
  • the family tax cut (eliminated in 2016)
  • the GST/HST credit
  • the WITB
  • the BC Sales Tax Credit
  • the MB Family Tax Reduction
  • the MB Personal Tax Credit, Education Property Tax Credit and School Tax credit
  • the ON tax reduction for dependants, Trillium credits,and sales tax credit
  • the NS low-income tax reduction
  • the NB low-income tax reduction
  • the NL low-income tax reduction
  • the NT cost of living supplement

The only way to add any of these credits to your return is by unchecking the box and including your partner’s income in the Your Partner section.

Note: This checkbox isn’t available for Québec residents. If you reside in Québec, you must enter your spouse’s net income.