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How do I find and/or report my unused tuition amount?

Find your unused tuition

The fastest way to find your unused tuition is through CRA My Account.

  1. Click “Go to Tax Returns” in the Tax Returns section.
  2. Scroll down to the Carryover amounts section, and click “View carryover amounts”.
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Federal Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts” and the “Provincial Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts” tables that look like this:
Year Amount from prior year Current year amount Current year amount applied Transferred amount Amount from prior year applied Amount available for carry forward
$15,693.00 $6,562.00 $9,796.00 $12,459.00

If you have any unused amounts, you’ll find them in the first column (Amount from prior year) of the row for .

If you don’t see a row for (or if that row is blank), you don’t have any unused amounts that you can claim this year. Don’t enter any amounts under the Earlier years heading.

If you don’t have CRA My Account, you can find this information on your Notice of Assessment or on your federal and provincial Schedule 11 from your tax return.

Unused Québec amounts

If you have Revenu Québec My Account, you can find your unused tuition at the 20% and 8% rate by logging in. These amounts can also be found on your Notice of Assessment.

If you don’t have Revenu Québec My Account, you can find this information on boxes 40 and 48 of your Schedule T.

If you moved provinces in

Moved to most provinces/territories (except Québec)

If you moved within Canada, enter your unused federal and provincial amounts exactly as described above and indicate that you moved in the year. Certain provinces will use your unused federal amount and others will use your unused provincial amount: these rules are programmed into SimpleTax so we’ll take care of this for you.

If you moved from Québec, enter the amount from line 40 and/or 48 of your Schedule T. If you have an amount on both lines, add them up.

Moved to Québec

If you moved to Québec in from elsewhere in Canada:

  • If you paid all your tuition after 2012, add up the tuition amounts from all your T2202 slips to find your “total tuition”. Enter the lesser of your federal unused amount (described above) and your “total tuition” in the box for “Unused Québec amount at 8% rate”.

  • If you paid tuition before 2013, but have used that all up, follow the instructions above. You have used up your tuition from 2012 and earlier years if any of 2013 or later years has an amount in the “Current year amount applied” column.

  • If you have any unused tuition from before 2013, please call Revenu Québec and they will help you calculate the amounts you need for the 8% and 20% boxes. Before calling, gather all your T2202s and your federal tuition carry forward information for all years.

Report your unused tuition

Enter your unused tuition in the Tuition and Education Amounts section.