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Why do I need to report UCCB for my child under 19?

This question is only applicable to 2015 and later tax years.

The Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) is a taxable monthly benefit that is paid out to Canadians with children. Prior to 2015, this credit was only available to those with children under six. In 2015, the UCCB was expanded to include all children who were under 19 years of age.

These payments are taxable and are reported on your RC62 slip. You should receive your RC62 slip in the mail by the end of February. If you have not received your RC62 slip, you can find this slip in CRA My Account or you can get the information by calling the CRA individual enquiries line.

If you did not receive these payments (e.g., you moved to Canada during the tax year or someone else received these payments for this child) you can ignore this warning and file your return.