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Can I claim my tuition?

You can claim a tax credit for your tuition if you were a student:

  • at a post-secondary institution, or
  • in a skills improvement program certified by Employment and Social Development Canada.

To claim this credit:

  1. Type “tuition” in the search box and add the Tuition and Education Amount section.
  2. Use the T2202 or TL11 slip you received to enter your tuition and number of months (if you didn’t get a slip, see below).
  3. If you were a student in a prior year, answer “Yes” to the question “Were you a post-secondary student in an earlier year?” and enter your unused amounts. Here’s how to find your unused tuition amounts.

That’s it! We’ll automatically calculate your tuition amount for you. You can review the calculation on the federal and provincial Schedule 11 in the Documents section.

Other common tuition-related questions

I didn’t get a T2202 or TL11 slip, what do I do?

Canadian institutions almost always issue these slips, so check your institution’s online account/portal if you didn’t receive it. International institutions will complete a TL11 slip on request. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

I paid so much tuition, why didn’t my refund go up by the same amount?

There are several answers to this question:

  • The tuition tax credit is a percentage of the tuition you paid (15% federally and a lower amount provincially). For example, a BC student who claims $10,000 in tuition will get a tax credit of $2,060 (20.6% of $10,000).
  • The tuition tax credit is “non-refundable”. This means that you can’t create a refund out of tuition tax credits. If that same student had $1,000 of tax deducted from her paycheques, her maximum refund is $1,000 (even though she had $2,060 in tax credits). The unused amount will be carried forward automatically.

We highly recommend reviewing the calculations on the Schedule 11, Schedule 1, and T1 General so you can understand exactly how the math all works. Find these forms in the Documents section.

Can I claim my child’s or grandchild’s tuition?

No, the student must claim the tuition. But you may be able to transfer their unused tuition amount.

How do I transfer my tuition to a parent or grandparent?

If you have unused amounts available to transfer, SimpleTax will show you how much you can transfer in the Tuition and Education Amount section. Here’s how the maximum transfer is calculated.

When you submit your tax return through NETFILE, you don’t need to also complete the designation part of your T2202 slip. That said, you might want to fill it out and give it to your parent or grandparent for their own files.

Do I need to report the number of months?

Yes, you must report the number of months. This can impact your eligibility for other tax credits.

I don’t want to claim my tuition this year. Why can’t I choose how much tuition to use/carry forward?

You must report your tuition in the year you paid it. You can’t choose how much to claim or carry forward.

What if I forgot to report my tuition in an earlier year?

You’ll need to change your return for that year. Here’s what to do.

I heard the tuition tax credit was eliminated, why do you still let me claim it?

The federal government eliminated the “education and textbook amount” (a credit based on number of months you were in school), they did not eliminate the tuition amount (which is based on the actual amount of tuition you paid). Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick have eliminated both the tuition and education amounts.

What about in Québec?

You should have also received an RL-8, so enter that information as well. Your RL-8 includes amounts for the Québec postsecondary amount (in box A) as well as the tuition amount (in box B). To properly calculate the postsecondary amount you can transfer, you must also report the total amount of solidarity tax credit that you received in , you can find this amount on the Solidarity tax credit notice that you received from Revenu Québec.