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Why doesn’t the spousal amount appear on my return?

Sometimes the spousal amount will appear on the Schedule 5 but not on line 303 of your Schedule 1. This is because Wealthsimple Tax only transfers the amount to line 303 when you either:

  1. Enter your partner’s income.

    • If your returns are linked: enter your partner’s income in their return.
    • If your returns are not linked (e.g., your partner is not using Wealthsimple Tax): enter your partner’s income in the Your Partner section.
  2. Or, confirm that your partner had no income.

    • Go to the Review section in your (the income earner’s) return and click Check & Optimize.
    • A message will appear asking you to confirm that your partner has no income. When you answer that question in the affirmative, it will add the spousal amount to your return.

If you still don’t see the credit this might be why:

  1. If you have linked returns, you have not yet clicked Check & Optimize in the other return.
  2. If you have linked returns and you both have a positive amount on Schedule 5. Since only one of you can claim the amount on line 303, we allocate this credit to the higher income person. If your income is identical, we allocate it arbitrarily.
  3. If you are unlinked and have checked the box indicating you won’t report your partner’s income on your return in the Your Partner section. You cannot claim this credit if that box is checked (this checkbox isn’t available for Québec residents).
  4. You have claimed an eligible dependant on line 305. You cannot claim both your spouse and an eligible dependant. You should confirm that you are allowed to claim an eligible dependant before filing your return.