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How do I find my RRSP deduction limit?

To claim an RRSP deduction on your return, you’ll need your deduction limit.

CRA My Account

If you have CRA My Account, find your deduction limit by clicking “Go to RRSP and TFSA” (in the RRSP and TFSA section of the Overview page). Your RRSP deduction limit is at the top of the next page.

If you are looking for an earlier year’s deduction limit, click “View RRSP details”, and on the next page click “Prior years RRSP deduction limits”.

Paper Notice of Assessment

You can also find your RRSP deduction limit on the last notice of assessment or reassessment you received from the CRA.

Call the CRA

If you have misplaced your NOA and you haven’t yet signed up for CRA My Account, you can call the automated CRA TIPS phone line at 1-800-267-6999 for these amounts.

Still can’t find it?

If you still can’t find your deduction limit and you are certain that your RRSP contributions during the contribution period (March to February) don’t exceed 18% of your earned income from the prior year (e.g., your March to February contributions don’t exceed 18% of your income), you can enter the total amount of your RRSP contributions in the deduction limit box. Example:

  • Joe has RRSP contributions from March - February of $750
  • Joe can’t find his deduction limit
  • Joe’s earned income in was $45,000
  • Joe can enter $750 as his deduction limit (since $750 is less than $8,100 ($45,000 x 18%))