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How do I report my RL-24?

To report your RL-24, add the Your Dependants section, enter your child’s information, and indicate that you have child care expenses for this child.

Enter the following items from your RL-24 into the table:

  • box H (identification number of the childcare provider)
  • box D (childcare expenses that do not qualify for the tax credit), and
  • box C (total childcare expenses paid).

If you didn’t receive an RL-24 because:

  1. your childcare expenses are eligible for the federal credit, but not the Québec tax credit: leave box H blank and enter your total childcare expenses in both box D and the “Total expenses” column.

  2. you incurred childcare expenses outside of Québec: enter the SIN or the first 9 digits of the daycare’s business number in box H (Revenu Québec needs this to process your return) and leave box D blank.