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How does the optimizer work?

This answer only applies to partners with linked returns.

When you first add credits and deductions from shared sections, SimpleTax will guess who should claim what.

Once you and your partner have finished your returns, clicking Check & Optimize will run thousands of calculations to determine who should claim what credit, how you should split it, or whether you should carry it forward to a future year. Once the optimizer finishes, the Optimization Results table will appear and the optimized amounts will be applied.

Before you submit your return, you can review and change how we’ve allocated the amounts.

If you don’t see the table, the optimizer has not yet run, so you’ll need to click the Check & Optimize button again. If you still don’t see the table, your partner’s return may not be ready. Switch to their return and walk through the same steps.

Here is the list of credits that get optimized.