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I don’t want to complete my partner’s return.

If you don’t want to finish your partner’s return before filing your own, or they have already filed using another method, you must unlink your returns. As a result, we won’t be able to optimize your and your partner’s returns to maximize your refunds.

To unlink your returns:

  • unlink your returns using the dropdown menu in the About You section (select My partner won’t use this account)change the Link your return with dropdown box in the About You section to blankin the About You section, change the answer to Do you want prepare your returns together? to No and confirm that you will unlink
  • enter the necessary information in the Your Partner section (or indicate that you won’t report your partner’s income)
  • go through any shared sections you previously added and delete any amounts that you won’t claim, then do the same thing for your partner on their return

You cannot unlink your returns if one partner has filed.