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How do I mail my tax return to Revenu Québec?

We recommend using NetFile Québec to file your tax return. However, if you aren’t eligible for NetFile, you can print and mail your tax return to Revenu Québec. This printed return must be in a specific format (form TPF-1).

If you are required to mail your return:

  1. Click the Print tax return button in the Submit Québec Tax Return section.
  2. Sign and date form TPF-1.W.V.
  3. Include copies of the required slips and receipts if applicable.
  4. Mail everything to Revenu Québec.

It generally takes Revenu Québec four to six weeks to process a paper return.

If you don’t see the Print tax return button it means that you’re eligible for NetFile Québec and should file online.