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What credits and deductions get optimized?

Here’s a list of the credits we optimize in your tax return.

Credit/Deduction Carry forward Partner optimization
Amount for children
Adoption expenses
Amount for infirm dependants age 18 or over
BC back-to-school credit
Canada caregiver amounts
Caregiver amount
Children’s arts expenses
Children’s fitness expenses
Donations & gifts (including Québec)
Family caregiver amount for infirm children
Family tax cut
Home accessibility expenses
Home buyers' amount
Manitoba personal tax credit
Manitoba education property and school tax credits
Medical expenses
Pension splitting
Political contributions
Prior year losses
Provincial amount for children and/or young children1
Provincial amount for infirm dependants1
Provincial fitness and arts expenses1
Provincial tax reduction1
Provincial caregiver amount1
Public transit expenses
Québec age amount, amount for a person living alone and amount for retirement income
Québec amount for a child under 18 enrolled in post-secondary studies
Québec amount for other dependants
Québec credit for caregivers housing an eligible relative or cohabiting with an eligible relative
Québec credit for caregivers supporting an eligible relative
Québec childcare credit
Québec home buyers' tax credit
Québec labour-sponsored fund CSN
Québec labour-sponsored fund FTQ
Québec Senior Assistance tax credit
RRSP deduction
Section 20(12) deduction
Spousal dividend transfer
Student loan interest
Tuition transferred from a child

Here’s how to change the optimization results.

If applicable in your province of residence.