SimpleTax Help

How do I use SimpleTax?

It’s actually pretty simple to use SimpleTax.

About You

Enter your personal information in the About You section. If you have a partner, we recommend that you each set up returns using the same SimpleTax account. That way, you can link your returns. You will still each need to submit your own tax return, but linking allows us to optimize your credits and deductions.

Income & DeductionsYour Taxes

Next, you’ll arrive at our search box, under the Income & DeductionsYour Taxes heading. You can always get back to this search box by clicking on Income & DeductionsYour Taxes in the left-hand menu bar.

Use the search box to add things to your tax return. For example, you can search for “T4AP” or “CPP” to find and add your T4AP slip or “interest” to add your T5. If you are not sure what to search for, click Here are some suggestions, which appears just above the search box, to see a list of all the sections you can add to your return.Need some suggestions to see a list of all the sections you can add to your return.Answer a few questions to answer interview questions instead of using the search box.

Search Box Search Box Search Box Search Box Search Box

Once you’ve added a section to your return, enter any information that is requested. Most sections also have some instructions in them as well.

Tax Documents

At any time during the process, you can see how we’re completing your paper forms. Click Tax Documents in the left-hand menu bar, and then click the Show Document button to see any particular form. The forms themselves can’t be edited.


Once you’re done adding items to your return, you’ll get to the Review section. Click the Check & Optimize button. We’ll show you suggestions (in gray), warnings (in yellow), and errors (in red). You can ignore suggestions and warnings, but you will need to clear any errors before you can complete your return. Follow the instructions to clear any errors. Once you’ve fixed the errors, click Check & Optimize again.


At any time during the process, you can see a line-by-line breakdown of your return and/or the paper forms. To find the summary, click Summary in the left-hand menu bar. Click the arrow under the heading Amounts to expand and collapse the line-by-line breakdown of your return. Click the arrows under the heading Documents to expand or collapse any paper form.


When your return is ready to file, you’ll get to the Submit section. Click Submit tax return. If your return goes through, you’ll see a confirmation message and number. If your return doesn’t go through, here are the two most common things to check.

You should also save a PDF copy of your tax return for your records by clicking the Save PDF button.