SimpleTax Help

How do I claim RRSP contributions from January to March of this tax year?

You’re allowed to deduct RRSP contributions made in January to March on your tax return as long as you didn’t deduct them on your return.

To claim these contributions, enter them in the table using the “Your RRSP: March 1 - December 31, ” option. Although the CRA has designed the Schedule 7 (and we’ve designed SimpleTax) using the “regular contribution period” of March to February , subsection 146(5) of the Income Tax Act allows you to deduct the contributions in any year.1

If you reported these contributions on your return but didn’t deduct them, enter them as “Unused contributions from ” instead.

Note that the CRA’s matching algorithm may only look at the contributions you made from March to February so they may request more details from you.