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How do I change my Québec return after it’s been submitted?

Once your Québec tax return has been filed, you need to wait to receive your notice of assessment before you can make a change to your return. Most returns are assessed within fourteen days of filing.

If you use Revenu Québec My Account, you can check to see if your return has been assessed by hovering your cursor over What Do You Want to Do? and then choosing “Income Tax Return for the Current Year” under the Consult Information heading. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for your Québec Notice of Assessment to arrive in the mail.

You cannot change your return using NetFile Québec by submitting it again through SimpleTax. The easiest and fastest way to change your return is through Revenu Québec My Account. If you don’t use Revenu Québec My Account, follow the instructions at the end of this guide.

In SimpleTax

  1. Make the necessary changes to your return in SimpleTax.

  2. In the Submit section, click on the Show differences button.

In Revenu Québec My Account

  1. Log in to Revenu Québec My Account, hover your cursor over What Do You Want to Do? and then choose “Income Tax Return” under the Change Information heading.

  2. You will then be guided through updating your tax return. Follow the instructions on the next few pages to update the amounts that have changed.

  3. After you submit your changes, you may have an amount owing. If so, you’ll need to make a payment to Revenu Québec.

  4. You can confirm your changes and payment by checking Revenu Québec My Account.

If you have changes to line numbers that aren’t listed in Revenue Québec My Account, or if you don’t use My Account, you can fill out form TP-1.R-V. The steps are outlined on the form and are quite straightforward. The same idea applies: you are simply advising Revenu Québec of which line numbers have changed.